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Smoothing Sponge

Smoothing Sponge


For those who like to apply their contour (or any other makeup) with a sponge, we've created the most luxurious makeup sponge ever! Treat yourself to the finer things with this dense non-latex applicator, designed to get a streak-free finish in all the tough to reach areas as well as the whole face.


The sponge's angled edges work great for controlled and targeted coverage toward the small tip (think under eyes, nose creases, etc.), and expand toward the top for more overall blending power. The flat surface on the top is perfect for full-face blending, and it's designed for use with liquid, cream, and powder formulas. Best of all, your products stay on the surface and don’t soak in, so you don’t waste a thing.


Simply wet it while squeezing it under the water a few times until it expands. And don't forget, shipping to the U.S. is always free!

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